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At Smorl's, we produce four different flavours of houmous, all created with organic chickpeas and Lebanese tahini. Every pot is handcrafted in our Brighton-based kitchen before being shipped across the city. We don't use preservatives, and keep the houmous fresh in the traditional Middle Eastern way - a dash of lemon and 'sealing' it with a layer of olive oil.

All of our houmous is vegan and gluten-free.



The original, and some would say the best. This is classic houmous at its very finest. Organic chickpeas mixed with high quality tahini, flavoured with a few herbs, spices, a little lemon zest and salt and pepper.

Goes well with...

Pretty much everything!

Fresh Chilli

Some like it hot. This one takes our classic houmous recipe and throws a few fresh chillis into the mix. Guaranteed to spice up your life faster than a Spice Girls reunion gig at a sriracha factory.

Goes well with...

A Mexican feast, complete with nachos for dunking.

Extra Garlic

Whilst our Original recipe includes a little garlic because, let's face it, garlic is delicious, this one turns it up a notch. For those looking for a little more garlicky flavour, here's your houmous.

Goes well with...

A good ol' falafel pitta, or get creative and try this one on homemade pizza.

Thunder Garlic

The Spinal Tap of garlic houmous. When we made our Extra Garlic houmous, a few people told us they still wanted more garlic. Well, here it is - pure garlic hedonism. Have your socks knocked off.

Goes well with...

Anything lacking in garlic (and a tube of breath mints).

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