You've got a problem, but you're not alone. Welcome to Houmous Anonymous.

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Houmous addiction is real, and that's why Houmous Anonymous exists - share your tales of delicious houmous slathered dishes or late nights spent with just a bag of breadsticks and a tub of Smorl's by your side. We all understand here. We won't judge.

Signs of Houmous Addiction

The first step to understanding you've got a houmous addiction is understanding what to look out for. Are any of the following statements true for you?

  • I believe that no meal is complete without houmous.
  • I bring houmous to every event with friends.
  • I think about houmous more than I think about loved ones.
  • I have a section in my fridge labelled 'Houmous Section'.
  • When my friends suggest going out to eat, I only ever suggest Smorl's.
  • I follow Smorl's on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and routinely look out for updates.
  • I'm on first name terms with the staff in Smorl's.
  • I smell like Thunder Garlic.
  • One of my children is called 'Thoumous'.
  • I have a pet pot of houmous.
  • I am unaware that Smorl's Houmous comes in tubs of any smaller than 1kg.
  • I have worked through the Smorl's menu at least thrice.
  • I have Googled 'is it legal to marry a tub of houmous?'
  • When I found out Smorl's can fill a container of your choice and charge by weight in order to go plastic-free, I instantly went to a local hardware store and bought a 12 litre bucket.
  • Due to the abundance of heart-healthy olive oil, protein packed chickpeas, fibre, and minerals you're accidentally very healthy due to your houmous intake.
  • I have a link in my Favourites to the Smorl's Deliveroo store.

If any of the above were 'true' for you, then congratulations, you may be addicted to houmous. ONE OF US, ONE OF US!

Tell us about your houmous addiction

For those who are addicted, you can find support from fellow houmous addicts simply by adding the hashtag #HoumousAnonymous. Stick a photo up on Instagram of your next meal at Smorl's with the hashtag and we'll pick one winner every month to win a free tub of Smorl's Houmous. It's only right that we help feed your addiction, right?

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